Thomas Casey

Owner / Head Coach

Tommy, aka “Yoda”, began his search for a complete method of health and training over 26 years ago. He started with tradition weight lifting methods, but was eventually introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which would later prove to be the path to establishing his CrossFit career. After injuring himself quite easily while training in the sport he grew to love, Tommy began his search for a new method of fitness that provided more aspects to fitness than just strength.

In his search to find better methods to becoming a more rounded athlete, Tommy discovered Crossfit, a renowned fitness program that proved to be the exact and complete set of concepts and methods he had been seeking. He knew he had found the sport that would maximize his abilities in Jiu Jitsu and take his fitness level to new heights.

Tommy received an accredited CrossFit Certification in April of 2010, after being AFTA Certified for 2 years priors, and established CrossFit Scranton in May of 2010.

Karen Pocius

Level 1 Certified Trainer

Karen Pocius, aka Venom; is proud to be the eldest current member of CrossFit Scranton. She began her most recent fitness journey in order to help her daughter become a better runner for Field Hockey. Running lead to a gym membership where she branched out first into yoga and pilates, and later into step aerobics and kick boxing classes.  She became cut and fit but felt like something was missing.  Two former gym buddies encouraged her to try CrossFit.

After one WOD, Karen knew that CrossFit offered endless opportunities to become stronger and healthier.  It was exciting to see so many things she had no idea how to do and to see males and females of varying ages working out together.  She was hooked and ended up foregoing a year’s gym membership to join CrossFit Scranton in January 2012.

In both 2013 and 2014, Karen participated in the CrossFit Games Open at the urging of her coaches.  2014 was her year and she went to the CrossFit Games in Carson, CA ranked #12 in the Masters Female Division ages 60 and higher.  It was an incredible experience for Karen, her coaches, and her CrossFit Scranton family!  Karen competed with the world’s top 19 females and ended the three-day competition ranked tenth place in the world. Not only was 2014 important as her year for the CrossFit Games, but Karen, also, retired after 39 years as an elementary school teacher.  In September 2014, Karen became certified as a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and has enjoyed sharing her passion for CrossFit with our CrossFit Scranton family ever since.

She recognizes that CrossFit has affected her in many more ways than only her performance in a workout.  Thanks to CrossFit, she a better swimmer and downhill skier, and has more confidence to take on life’s challenges.  CrossFit has definitely changed her life for the better!

Brenda Vaughn

Level 1 Certified Trainer

Brenda Vaughn, aka Vanilla; never had an active physical fitness background until after High School when she joined the military in 1990.  After serving in the United States Navy for 5 years, she decided to move back home to Scranton, PA with her family.   Many years of yo-yo dieting and unstructured workout regimens started taking a toll on her both physically and mentally.  It wasn’t until she 2009 she decided to make serious changes to her lifestyle and joined a Globo gym.   Two years later and over 100 lbs. lost, the regular gym membership became boring and she was seeking something more challenging. 

While scrolling through Facebook, she saw a post about CrossFit Scranton and decided to Google the website.  Soon after, she reached out to Tommy via email and inquired about the classes.  A month worth of debating, and digging real deep to try and find the courage, she decided to show up and give it a shot. Brenda was hooked after her first WOD “Angie”.  Although very sore and unable to lift her arms, she has never looked back and regretted anything about her decision. 

Since 2011, Brenda has been an active member at CrossFit Scranton.  Through the years, of doing CrossFit, there have been many firsts in her life.  Never had she imagined that working out among a community of diverse individuals with so much in common, would give her such a strong sense of purpose and a new found confidence in her life. 

Brenda loves coaching.  When she sees athletes that give up on themselves or struggle through a workout, she wants to be that coach in the corner to give them the push that they need.   Her first memory of walking through the door and remembering all the people who cheered her on and watched her struggle changed her life forever.  For her, it is by far, the most gratifying feeling in the world to see someone perfect a movement or finish a WOD they were so ready to give up on.

CrossFit has changed her life in so many ways, she is always looking to give back and share her passion with others looking to change their life.

Level 1 certified in May 2017